Based in South Seattle, I am an art director, graphic designer and independent contractor with a unique blend of creativity, individual thinking and a straight forward approach. I work with businesses and individuals to develop the best overall communication solution directed towards your specific needs.

Art Director & Designer | Extensive design experience that includes packaging design, branding, email campaigns, photography and food styling direction, catalog design, advertising, digital illustration and product development.

Work | Art Direction and senior designer closely interacting with marketing, sales, product managers, photographers, food stylists, outside vendors, company brokers and major licensing companies.

Media | Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Bridge, Microsoft Office, Barcode Producer, Filemaker Pro, Mail Chimp, WordPress, MoPro, Visual Composer, Data and Cloud storage systems and various FTP clients.  Proficient on both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.


Wowzer •  Aqua Star  •  Stoup Brewing  •  Saltine •  Essential Baking Company  •  Cannonball Wines  •  Artist & Muse Salon •  Astrolabe Wines  •  Manini’s  •  Windermere •  Contessa Premium Foods  •  MoonBuns by Chef Nance •  Banner Consulting •  Belzannos  •  Strassen Brau Brewery  •  Spikease  •  SeanSongs Ltd  •  CritiCare  •  Paper Promotions  •  Casablanca Promotions  •  Costco  •  Sam’s Club  •  Walmart  •  Safeway  •  Kroger  •  Food Services of America  •  US Foods  •  Our Family Brands  •  Ahold  •  Weis Foods  •  Giant Eagle  •  M&M Meat Shops  •  Target  •  Trader Joe’s  •  Medfast Health Centers  •  NY411  •  PromoShave  •  Union Pageworks  •  Brix & Mortar Wines  •  Astra Zeneca  •  Abbott Laboratories  •  Amgen  •  Intercontinental Investigations  •  West Seattle Senior Center  •  United States Senate & House of Representatives  •  Democratic Party  •  Republican Party  •  Pioneer National Latex  •  BSA-Balloon Supply of America  •  Too Darn Good Cookie Company  •  Walt Disney  •  DreamWorks  •  Warner Bros  •  Britt Alcroft  •  Saban Entertainment  •  The University of Akron  •  Phi Delta Theta Fraternity  •  Ship of Fools Design Group  •  Grindle, Bender & Associates